Aromoteca ® vegetable oils have beneficial properties that vary according to the content and variety of fatty acids, depending on the areas and time of harvest of the seeds / plants.
In general these products are really useful for our health, because they bring important substances to our body, from omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 to vitamins. It is always good, therefore, to choose an oil that can bring real internal and external benefits to our body.
Some oils, today, through a CO2 extraction process (supercritical) are immediately and tangibly effective and those who had begun to use them (very often they are cosmetic uses), will be able to verify the results.

These oils are obtained by squeezing or extracting fruits or seeds from different plants as already mentioned above.
The main source is oil seeds, but some products of this type are obtained from the fruit pulp.
It is, for example, olive oil, sea buckthorn etc.etc.
As for essential oils, even for carriers (vegetable oils), we have many certified organic items recognized to be very effective.

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