L’Aromoteca ® from the beginning of the research and opening of the company, which took place in 1985, a reminder to the seller of herbs,
in particular oriental plants that, besides selling, dispensed good health advice and that it was and remained a micro reality lively, however
In its headquarters, an ancient farmhouse on the outskirts of Milan immersed in agricultural fields and bordering the Alzaia Naviglio Pavese canal, the dream of having, after a parenthesis dedicated to Tibetan medicine first and Ayurvedic medicine after, a methodical and studied collection was realized. Of chemotyped essential oils, vegetables and hydrolates imported from every corner of the Earth (about 1,200 in total between biological and conventional).
The L’Aromoteca ® brand distinguishes all our oils which, in addition to trade, are the object of promotion of purity, eco-sustainability, ethics and health in total respect of Nature (refusing products that do not comply with our specific requests).
The L’Aromoteca ® brand must always ensure optimal and specific choices, guaranteeing the quality of the oils by means of studies, certifications and checks, even of distillation companies worldwide.
The L’Aromoteca ® indicates, just like the name means, a real archive of essences and carrier oils many of which are food grade.

The L’Aromoteca ® also works (in separate laboratories from the oil laboratory) also a very complete variety of henne ’and clays.
The difference of the clays is given by the different minerals and different percentages present.
Our henna are totally natural and pure and never with added chemical components!
Just like our clays, many of which come from France and our Italy.
We also work a considerable number of fumigation resins and incense that we often import from African and Brazilian desert areas.
But some are produced in Europe.
Finally, for some years, we have been producing some lines of healthy food products by virtue of a holistic vision of attention to people, ranging from seeds, to fruits and from sugars to flour.
All are of certified biological origin (our certifying body is Sidel of Bologna).
Among these products, there are original and rare ones, as these often have and give unexpected nutritional alternatives.
The ultimate goal of our activity is to best achieve the task we had set ourselves at the dawn of the company, that is, to fulfill the requests and expectations of all our precious customers.
With the most warm and affectionate thanks and greetings to all those who believe in us.

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