Nature has created what is necessary for life on Earth. Often men have chemically modified what is integral and natural, completely neutralizing the chemical composition of matter.
It was thus also for the same salt that, containing naturally occurring trace elements, minerals (essential for human life), was made objectively unreliable from a nutritional point of view.

For some years we have been fortunate to have rediscovered that many salts, on Earth, can be taken and used in their entirety and these are not only marine, but also mountains, lakes, rivers.

The integral sea salt possesses iodine and minerals that form a very useful complex for a supply of nutrients that give benefits to the human body.

The lake and river salts have characteristics similar to sea salt, often the percentages of trace elements present change and have a chemical chain very similar to the crystalline sea salt.

The crystalline high-seas salt has the purest composition and absolute most complete chemical chain: the integrality of the thin crystalline structures resemble, in fact, many forms of structure present in nature.

The Himalayan salt (or Pink salt from the Himalaya) is among the best salt on the Earth.

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