We started to include organic food at a later time in the life of the company and after a few years, entering our BCF Biorganic Core Food brand we have given a precise signal to distinguish the diet, in the selection of nutritious, unrefined, biological and healthy foods.

Very soon we turned to products covered in raw food and macrobiotic nutrition.

We were definitely aware that heat, for the preparation of food and the preparation of raw materials during the primordial processing phase, modifies the molecular structure of food, making nutrients less usable. Cooked and denatured foods, especially industrial ones, are less digestible than raw food. Everything that we consume, and that cannot be digested or stored, must be eliminated as waste material.
Consuming constantly denatured foods produces so many waste that the elimination organs are unable to do their job properly, with the result that these waste products are stored unconsciously and imperceptibly (sometimes for several years) inside some of our organs, in the arteries , in the blood etc ..
And this accumulation process causes a general state of intoxication of the organism with the consequent generation of more or less serious waste, more or less insidious, more or less first-class actresses in the process of splitting diseased cells or not operational from those in ‘meliorem statum’.

The right food, not denatured, provides us with all the necessary nutrients, as happens with all other living species.
This is why BCF Biorganic Core Food wanted to introduce nutrition, so that it could complete the human body from within or at least act as a primordial element of aid for a correct diet and lifestyle.

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