Aromoteca ® essences act on the body, mind and spirit, therefore an action holistic benefit. They act positively on the immune system and have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal action. A very important energy action!
One third of our oils are registered as organic oils and many oils have their specific chemotype.
For the internal use of essential oils, always pay attention to any physical problems of those who would like to take them. Notwithstanding that, the oils indicated also for food use must always be conveyed with vegetable oils or in any case mixed together with other edible substances and, in any case, always very few drops (an aromatherapist, an herbalist or a doctor could always be of real help because of important advice).
The intention and confidence with which essential oils are used are of some importance.
If you want a certain effect, which however the chosen essence does not produce, direct your choices, then, simply towards an essence with similar efficacy, in which you place confidence and / or with which you have a certain confidence.
On the psychological and spiritual level, the essences improve mood and mood; they eliminate stress and rebalance, calm and relax.
The Aromoteca ®, by pure passion, has carried out research into combining oils and environments, oils and various energy situations, oils and zodiacal classifications in order to be of better help in identifying oils that can be immediately reactive on people.
Last but not least, it is the identification of the chemotype (or chemotype) of the oil, because this knowledge determines the targeted resolution of a given problem together with other known or even unknown factors.

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