From Pakistan, through our agent in Hamburg, we make available a really wide variety of “pink salt rock” lamps with various weights, shapes, heights.

The “pink” lamps of Himalayan salt, which are in great demand and appreciated today in the West, purify environments by intercepting and enclosing negative ions, release positive clean energy and embellish indoor and outdoor spaces with no doubts.
Along with these lamps, we also have many accessories or complementary items available.

The salt lamps complete with electric cable and light bulb, are all placed on a teak or cedar wood base


Tumbling a stone means working on the same surface until it reaches crystallization and thus obtaining a polished and polished stone.
This action also occurs naturally in rivers or seas, for example, where water – with its movement – wears the surface of the stones
to make them smooth and shiny.
Tumbling is a technique also known as ‘tumbling’ which gives stones shine without removing any natural properties.
In fact, tumbled stones have energetic properties able to modify surrounding environmental energies and of the people who come into
contact with them.
We have subdivided the stones for an appropriate use, precisely, for application on each chakra.

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