Among the other products, we focus on two lines that are particularly dear to us for the purity with which they are processed and offered.

One of these is represented by the CLAYS that are very often micronized non-lithised sediments consisting of aluminum and silicates, having
the classifications: two layers, three layers and four layers. The formation of these clays takes place by washing away rocks following continuous
transport of water flows.

Often the clay is used for cosmetic purposes: it is possible to make face masks, body use, application on the scalp and hair, the clay absorbs
sediment, liquids and excess impurities from the body.

The clay-based treatment has a sweet skin extraction action of impurities, dead surface cells, contributing significantly to leave the skin of
the body purer, smoother and softer.

The second line of products is represented by the natural HENNEs that we import from various countries including Egypt, Iran, France.
They allow you to dye your hair for a relatively short time without any added chemical components and therefore the freedom to think about
having products in contact with the scalp and hair that have no side effects and that dye your hair absolutely totally natural.

Obviously there are also some important details that must be known by those who started using these products and it is always important
to find out in detail about their specific use.

The color difference between the clays depends on the percentage of iron oxide, silicon and aluminum contained in them. But it also depends
on the age of the same and the location of the deposits.
Currently we offer green, white, red, yellow, gray, ghassoul clay and on request we can also produce pink clay (which is not currently
included in the price list because it is not in demand on our national market).

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